Scientists Spotted Powerful Radiation from Deep in Space


Scientists spotted powerful radiation from deep in space, according to a report published on May 23, 2018.

Scientists received radiation from deep in space due to this observation and this might shed light on the fast radio bursts (FRB), which will be one of the most mysterious signals that has been ever received on Earth. The scientists happened to see two stars orbiting each other and working to propel the radiation through the universe and down to Earth. The two stars were 20 kilometers apart and were around 6,500 light years from Earth.

Brown dwarf was one of the stars, which is a cool and lightweight star and the other one was known as pulsar, which is an energetic, strange, and spinning star. The gas coming out of the brown dwarf magnified the energy from the pulsar and send out a bright streak of radiation. The pulsar could eventually destroy the brown dwarf. They are locked together in a system sometimes called a ‘black widow’ – just as those spiders eat their mates, the pulsars are thought to kill the stars they are attached to.

This discovery might help explain fast radio bursts, which are the intense blasts of radiation that are occasionally sent down to Earth. Those powerful signals are until now entirely unexplained and are believed to be the results of either undiscovered physics or even artificial technology.

Robert Main, lead author of the paper said, “Many observed properties of FRBs could be explained if they are being amplified by plasma lenses. The properties of the amplified pulses we detected in our study show a remarkable similarity to the bursts from the repeating FRB, suggesting that the repeating FRB may be lensed by plasma in its host galaxy.”


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