Google Has New Updates for Its Hotel Search Experience


Google is known for always working on its updates to make it more convenient for the users. It is expanding its business and also working on the diversification of products. Recently, Google had added a new follow feature through the Google Maps that helped people to follow other businesses and get updates from them. Now Google has been working on another business related update i.e. the hotel search experience. Currently, this update is only available in the app, but the web users will be very soon allowed to take benefit from this new update.

According to Google, they have been working on the hotel search experience so that people can easily look for hotels in their phone’s app. If you are out for a vacation and you need a place to stay, Google’s new hotel update is going to help you.

Travelers are benefitting themselves using the app on their phones. But according to google, soon the update is going to be available on the desktop as well. So that all the desktop users can take advantage from this amazing feature of Google. This feature not only helps you find the desired hotel like Instagram where you would want to stay, but also lets you know about all the details regarding the booking prices, the rent, and also shows reviews of the people who have been there. Hence, it makes it easier for a person to decide based on these reviews. Or another way is to look for a Hotel’s experience on Instagram. Thousands of Instagram followers which can get from instaboostgram, keep on uploading pictures every second so other users can take benefit. So it will be another way like google hotel search experience.

But many smaller booking sites might see Google as a huge competitor because people who used to visit those sites for the details regarding pricing are going to visit Google for the same search. Hence, other booking sites will experience a little or no engagement from users.

Google has also added images of each location. With every hotel search comes different images of the hotel for the people to review them. Indeed, Google does wonders. It meets the littlest needs of the audience, therefore, it is the most used search engine even today when social media platforms have taken over the internet. But still, Google remains on top.

Various social media platforms are increasing competition among Google. With the increasing awareness of the social media platforms, in order to maintain its place in the eyes of the audience, Google needs to constantly introduce appealing updates. Previously it introduced the follow option, which made it easier for the businesses to locate one and other. And now it came up with the hotel update.

When users will find all relevant and original information or content on Google, they won’t need to access other social media platforms. But still even today when social media runs the world and rules the minds, if the question about the most used web search engine arrives, Google holds its place and remains top of the list. Google has a very strong strategic business planning i.e. they are very clear about their long term goals. This is what helps it achieve the place where it stands today.


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