Bose Files Patent to Develop Auto-Cooling Sport Earbuds


The company aims to develop sport earbuds that provide comfort to users during workout or sports activity by automatically cooling down

Bose, US-based audio devices manufacturer, filed patent application for developing earbuds that use an elastomer having one more phase change material that can change from solid to liquid and then back to solid. These new Bose earbuds will be able to change their temperature based on body temperature of user. The application state that the goal is to reduce discomfort caused by heat and pressure. This transition would take place at a certain target temperature, allowing the materials to absorb heat by changing to liquid, then change back to solid once the heat is dispersed.

Images used in patent applications are often hard to translate into how the product would actually function in the real world. The images show something that looks very close to the silicon rubber tips used on many of Bose’s in-ears. The only difference is that these would be filled with the ‘phase change materials’ mentioned above, which would likely be some sort of gel. However, much details were not disclosed regarding launch date and pricing of the product.

Bose is focused on sports and recently introduced its first pair of fully wireless earbuds – just like AirPods but designed to match active lifestyle. The company has recently added Google Assistant to its QC35 headphones, introducing its first fully wireless earbuds and even crowdfunding earbuds specifically designed to help user sleep.



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